Letter to myself on Match Day 2018

Today is Match Day for fourth year pharmacy students planning on completing a residency program after graduation. Congratulations to everyone for their exciting new positions! While I’m two years away from doing this myself, I can’t help but think of the person I’ll be on that day in 2018. It can certainly be nerve racking to go through the process so I wanted to write a short note to my future, residency-hopeful self for a little encouragement.

Match Day 2018

Be brave today, girlie.

I know your nerves are probably bubbling up inside and that you hardly slept a wink. You’re probably second guessing every decision you made over the past three and a half years, wondering if what you did was enough, if your grades were high enough, your school activities good enough, your to-do list long enough. You’re probably shaking with anxiety over opening that email in your inbox, full with potential and adventure and “future-ness.” You’ve planned and prayed and doubted and hoped for this day. You worked hard when it would have been easier to play. You stayed up late. You pushed through. You’ve worked your little hiney off for this very day, and it’s here! I’m so proud of you. No matter the outcome, you are off to great things. Even if your match is not your first choice, cheer up, put a smile on, and make your residency experience exactly what you want it to be. Attitude is all up to you. I believe in you.

Now, go see what new adventure awaits you. New opportunities to learn and grow. New opportunities to finally take care of your very own patients. Listen and love on them.

Be brave today and everyday.