Friday Five

Friday Five

1. 🙌 🙌 🙌 three pairs of “hands raised in celebration” for Tracy at O’Reilly Auto Parts for helping me replacing my headlight

2. First cups of coffee at 5 pm (because at this point in my life the end of the work day is really the beginning of the work day)

3. Hebrews 7:22

4. How friendly the cashiers are at my local Publix

5. Every. single. moment. of 13 going on 30


The act of unsettling

The act of unsettling

The moment I begin to settle into the silence of the house when I’m alone, I also begin settling into the uneasiness. That previously unheard creak magnifies and echoes in my ears. Since when does the dishwasher make a noise like that? And can anyone really be sure that the air conditioner is responsible for those sounds that are so similar to an axe murderer stealthily unlocking my backdoor?

Did I say settling?

Clearly I meant unsettling. The act of unsettling is so easy when others are nowhere nearby. And clearly my loaf of a kitten-cat is completely useless in fighting off the bad guys. And so I turn on every light in my house. And I refuse to walk by the back door or even make eye contact with a window. Don’t ask me to take a single step down the basement stairs. I stick close to my kitten-cat for the rhythm of his snoring and the soft sound of a heartbeat, no matter how lazy. I snuggle up to the uncertainty of a home all alone. I attempt to make peace with this invisible friend of uncomfortable. Thoughts tend to grow lavishly if not kept in check. Truth and not truth become blurry, their colors mixing into a magnificent shade of gray, like tonight’s cloudy night sky.

Friendship is good and important, faithful and calming.